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Dwaal is a heavy, atmospheric doom/sludge/post-metal band from Oslo.

Our debut album "Gospel of the Vile" is out now, on Dark Essence Records.

About Dwaal

Dwaal is a heavy, atmospheric doom metal six piece from Oslo, Norway. Their distinct blend of sludge, doom and post-metal is a dense, hypnotic wall of sound that alternates between suffocating heaviness and trance-inducing melancholy. Gloomy riffs, epic atmospheres and despairing vocals, punctuated every so often by minimalistic lo-fi melodies.

Since their formation in 2014, Dwaal has been building up steam and making their mark as a captivating live act. In March of 2020, Dark Essence Records released their critically praised debut full length album, “Gospel of the Vile”.

Dwaal is:

  • Bjørnar Kristiansen - Vocals
  • Eigil Dragvik - Guitar & Backing vocals
  • Rikke Karlsen - Guitar
  • Stian Hammer - Bass
  • Siri Vestby - Synth
  • Anders Johnsen - Drums